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Date – January, 1957

Related Category – Hindi Film Industry


Members of the Chinese Women’s Delegation dropped in on the sets of Om Prakash’s “Gate­way of India” the day they arrived in Bombay. Madhubala welcomed them cordially and is seen chatting with two of the members.


It was an exceedingly crowded day. While Rossellini performed the muhurat, the Chinese Women’s Delegation was being wel­comed on their arrival in Bombay from Indore by Miss Indumati Chimanlal, Bombay’s Min­ister for Social Welfare, and officials of the Chinese and Czechoslovakian consulates in the City.

The Delegation was led by Madame Shih Liang, Minister of Justice of the People’s Re­public of China, and, in spite of a packed sche­dule during its stay in Bombay, paid a visit to the sets of “Gateway of India” the afternoon it arrived.

It was a large number of visitors (includ­ing government officials) which went on the tiny bedroom set which was being filmed. Om Prakash received the visitors cordially, and the Delegation members soon made friends with Madhubala, who made all of them feel at home.

So charmed with Madhu was one of them that she presented the star with her Chinese fan. Then Om, comedian turned film maker, put across his bright idea.

He had placed refreshments for the visitors in the recording theatre and there the whole party proceeded. “Wait, I’ll show you some­thing!” he said.

The lights were switched off and the show started, Om entertaining the Delegation to the screening of a special Chinese song-and-dance number filmed for “Gateway of India”. Here Madhubala, Bhagwan and a party of Chinese children dance together.

“I thought it was a very suitable way of welcoming our guests!” he explained.