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Date – November, 1958

Related Category – Pakistani Film Industry


At the London premiere of Pakistan producer W.Z. Ahmed’s “Waada” are (seen from the left) Mr. E. Pochee, Secretary of the Asian Film Society, Mr. W.Z. Ahmed, India’s Producer-director Mehboob Khan who has recovered from his recent illness, Sabiha, the charming Pakistani actress and, Santosh, the Pakistani star.


After producer/director W.Z. Ahmed left for Pakistan, he only directed two Urdu films Roohi (1954) and Waada (1957) [another film Wafa ki Ada remained incomplete] and both are considered classics today. Roohi became the first film to be banned by the Censor board of Pakistan for generating class hatred and showing rich married woman having an affair with a younger unmarried man. But it was later released with “required” editing.