Ghalat Fahmi (1949)

Year – 1949

Language – Urdu

Country – Pakistan

Producer – D. Sardari Lal

Director – Ahmedulla

Music Director – Nath

Box-Office Status – Flop

Cast – Nazar, Asha Poslay, Begum Parveen, Irshad Begum, Rani Kiran, Zubaida, Mahapara, Saleem Raza, Master Ghulam Qadir, Jahangir, Sheikh Iqbal, Baby Lata

Miscellaneous Information – During its formative period (1948 – 1954) only 41 Urdu films were released in Pakistan, majority of which flopped at the box-office. Films produced during this early period were produced on nitrate stock which was vulnerable to fire and decomposition. That along with the combination of no film archive in the county to restore old films led to the loss of majority of these films. Publicity stills, song records etc are the closest you can get to these films. Ghalat Fehmi was the 2nd and last film produced by Deewan Sardari Laal before he left for India. Asha Posley played the lead and music was composed by her father Inayat Ali Nath. Original name of the film was “Miss 1949” which was changed later to Ghalat Fehmi.

Date of Release – 21st June, 1949

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