Dhuaan (1953)

Year – 1953

Language – Hindi

Country – India

Producer – Roopnagar Ltd.

Director – R. L. Malhotra

Music Director – Dhaniram, Vasant Desai

Box-Office Status

Cast – M. Rajan, Pratima Devi, Usha Kiran, Asha Mathur, Ulhas, Jeevan, Mumtaz, Vikas, Balraj, Jagdish Kanwal, Sanjana, Om Prakash

Miscellaneous Information – Not Available.

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Music Director(s)


Produced and directed by Roshanlal Malhotra, Roopnagar’s murder mystery, “Dhuaan” is an amateurish film, the story of which is too frequently held up by songs which merely irritate.

The cast is headed by Usha Kiron as the murdered girl, M. Rajan who portrays the hero and chief suspect, and Asha Mathur as the girl who befriends him and helps him track down the real murderer.

While the identity of the murderer is well concealed, the film on the whole drags owing to the highly amateurish direction and the stilted portrayals by M. Rajan and Asha Mathur who make an unprepossessing stellar pair.

Usha Kiron puts over the one really good performance in the picture as the beautiful young dancer with a tragic end. Forceful, determined and highly attractive, her comparatively small role dominates the picture.

The supporting players do well in their parts, especially Jeevan.

Vasant Desai’s music score is disappointing and surprisingly (for him) westernized. Of the three dances composed by Vinod Chopra, only one – the ‘Moon and Waves’ ballet – is good in composition and gracefully performed.

The photography, costumes, sets and decor are good.